2017-2018 Season

      Level Reps


Level 2- Lauren Herring

Level 3- Lauren Kennedy

Levels 4- Gina Williams

Levels 6-7- Ginger Nalley

Levels 8-10 -Mary Freeman

XCEL- Lisa Garramone

Our Amazing Coaches


Coach Heather

Coach Natalie

Coach Matt

Coach Jamie

Each May, gymnasts who choose to participate on one of  LIS Teams (Levels 2-10, Excel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond) will "officially" join the team and make the commitment, along with their parents, to become members of the Let It Shine Parents Club for one year. 


Competivite gymnastics is an expensive endeavor.  Monthly tuition paid to LIS Gym only covers the training/coaching your gymnast receives during regularly scheduled practice times.  All other competitive program costs including, LISPC annual dues, meet fees, competition uniform (leotard, warm-up and team bag), USAG Membership, and TN USAG are expenses that will be incurred by the gymnast's family over and above the monthly tuition and Annual Team Registration Fee paid to Let It Shine Gymnastics. 





The LISPC works hard to provide you with information in a timely manner, but please understand that communicating effectively with every family on our teams can be challenging at times.  The LISPC will be sending you information about team/competition apparel, meet schedules, meet entry fees and payment deadlines.  Communication from the LISPC is handled primarily through email, so it is imperative that we have a current email address for you.  Imformation is also posted to the LISPC website and posted on our private club Facebook page.  In addition, all parents are encouraged to attend the quarterly team parent meetings at LIS.  If you have a question or concern about competition fees that are due or an invoice you have received, please contact your Level Representative or a member of the LISPC Board.  Contact information is available on this website (click here).  When questions or concerns do arise, please contact your gymast's coach, board member or level rep. We are continually working to improve our  club's communication, and welcome any ideas for improvement.

 Team Basics



Coach Noel

Coach Marco

Coach Kyra

Coach Ashley

Coach Cortney